KOREA_HS Designing
a Hyperstable Antibody with Cell-penetrating Peptide for Intracellular Targeting



"In our modern world, many of us face the threat of various conditions such as cancer, infection, autoimmune and hematological diseases all the time in our daily lives. Inevitably, the therapeutic antibody market has become one of the greatest rising trends in the medical industry and are expecting a double in size by the next 5 years. However, a vast majority of antibodies open to use today are still limited to those that can only function on the surface of a cell. This dilemma inspired us to create an antibody that could possibly have target-specific functions inside a cell. We believe that continued research on antibodies that work inside of a cell would open doors to many possibilities to treat diseases like cancer and diabetes..."

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For a more specific account of our progress though the iGEM competition, check out our Notebook.

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