KOREA_HS Designing
a Hyperstable Antibody with Cell-penetrating Peptide for Intracellular Targeting



Bronze Medal Criteria: 


1: Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance:


  • Our team KOREA_HS was confirmed for Registration for the iGEM competition on April 30th 2019.

  • A few representatives of our team are planning to attend the upcoming Giant Jamboree event in Boston.

2: Competition Deliverables:

  • The wiki was completed before the wiki freeze deadline on October 21st. Check out our KOREA_HS Wiki here.

  • The poster and presentation will be available for the judges at the Giant Jamboree.

  • The judging form was submitted and confirmed. Check out our Judging Form

3: Attribution:

  • Our team fairly attributed each role to every member of our team. Nobody was left out and everyone pitched in their own set of skills. To check in detail each member's contributions to the project, click to our Attribution page.

4: Project Inspiration and Description:

5: Characterization/Contribution:

Silver Medal Criteria:

1: Validated Part/Contribution: 

2: Collaboration:

  • Our team collaborated with many other teams throughout the year, sharing insights with each other about the iGEM competition. Extensive Skype sessions with these teams really helped us come up with ideas with our design, modeling, and human practices. We also hosted the Korea meetup with other iGEM teams in Korea. This opportunity allowed us to come up with better solutions to the daily problems we faced during the project. To read about our collaborations in detail, check out our Collaborations page.  

3: Human Practices:

  • Our team took part in a variety of human practices. We chose to focus on public engagement by participating in events such as Korea Scholar’s Conference for Youth and education session at CheongShim International Academy. We also engaged with activities such as online surveys, sticker polls, education programs, elderly welfare centers and distributing pamphlets. This way we were able to interact closely with our local community and reflect our data onto our project. This opportunity allowed us to reflect on the importance of antibodies and the necessity to spread awareness of genetic engineering and biology. For details, check our Human Practice page. 

Gold Medal Criteria:

1: Integrated Human Practices:

  • Besides our public engagement, we also interviewed researchers at ABL Bio and Celltrion for advice and inspiration for our project. Their advice were really helpful at pinpointing a specific goal for our project. We also interviewed a former oncologist about our experiment and got some advice regarding some problems we could possibly face during our test phase. For more information, check our Integrated Human Practices page. 

2: Modeling:

  • Our team decided to perform homology modeling to predict the structure of our protein sequence. For more details, check out our Model page.